Susan Geffen saved my life! An elderly relative was the victim of lottery fraud and was acting as the neighborhood ATM, in total over $200,000. Her legal expertise, compassion, and expertise in geriatrics guided the family through a successful process of care management and understanding. At all times the victim and the family trusted Susan and received compassionate support. Her referrals to other professionals were stellar and her reputation among her peers is impeccable. I recommend her without qualification.

Irene Z., Newport Beach

After moving my 88 year old mom from Chicago to California, I was looking for a competent attorney to review and make some minor changes to her living trust. Susan B. Geffen has a wonderful “desk side” manner with her elderly clients and even helped my mom recover $3,000 that her prior attorney in Chicago refused to release from escrow of the sale of her home 2 years ago. I would highly recommend Susan B Geffen’s services to anyone dealing with elderly parents.

D’Marie C., Hermosa Beach, CA

My parents and I retained Susan Geffen’s legal services to navigate through the Medi-Cal process and to preserve my parent’s assets. The process was long and hard, but Susan hung in there with us, even when my parents seemed reluctant and indecisive. Susan showed her professionalism and concern for the elderly by continuing to provide legal services and guidance without payment during a period between the two phases of our journey. I would recommend Susan to anyone in need of legal services relating to the elderly and elder care.

Rick Y., Torrance, CA

When my wife of 53 years suddenly became terminally ill, I asked Susan B. Geffen to provide assistance with new wills and trust documents on short notice. She worked diligently and completed the requisite documents in record time. She also provided in-valuable advice concerning bequests and gathering information for estate tax filings.

Steve K., Rancho Palos Verdes

I highly recommend her for estate planning and elder law questions.

Mike A., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I could have searched the country and not have found a more capable and qualified person.

Debbie K., Moreno Valley, CA

She was absolutely amazing and very personable. I highly recommend her!

Michelle H., Torrance, CA

Before we called Susan, everything was CHAOS. I knew there were some ways to protect my parents assets while getting them the help that they would eventually need, but it was impossible to navigate on my own and I didn’t feel Legal Zoom was the best option, My father saw Susan’s ads in the paper and we attended one of her seminars and walked away with much more direction…Then finally decided to call Susan, hoping she could help us. I felt we needed a lawyer we would trust, who specializes in what we need and Susan seemed to be completely on top of her game. I got a good vibe from her and felt she was genuinely compassionate about elder care and knew what we needed. I also felt like Susan had a very ethical way of figuring our needs out. She read us correctly and gave us the peace of mind we were desperately needing, and we did it at the correct time. She put together a trust for my parents and asset protection for all of us. She worked quickly and we are now protected and I will be able to care for both of my parents if need be without any of the complications I saw coming had we not called a lawyer. Susan was perfect and we are extremely pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend Susan to any Gen X-er from The South Bay who cares about their aging parents and protecting the assets they have worked so hard to have. Trust me, you are better off in the end…And Susan is the lawyer for you!


There is no question that Attorney Geffen is a five-star attorney. If I could, I would give her a sixth star. She is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and user friendly. Moreover, she has a warm personality and a caring heart for her clients. This dedicated attorney took great care of me at a cost far below my expectations. She is the best there is.

Gerard H.

Susan is Awesome!!!
She has great integrity, listened and evaluated things carefully, and created a winning strategy, in an extremely efficient manner. If I am ever going into a legal situation for any reason, I would want Susan as my Attorney. I highly recommend her!!! Susan really cared about my situation and represented me as if I was a family member.

David M.

So glad to have found Susan Geffen. Susan helped us prepare three different trust/estate plans for our family, one each for myself/husband, my mom and my mother-in-law. Each of us had different needs and very different personalities. Her rapport with, and respect for, “the moms” was perfect. Her deep knowledge of elder-care law was evident and comforting. I look forward to working with her for many years to come and wholeheartedly endorse her services.

Kate C.

Susan has done everything that I could possibly ask her for. She reassured me that she would take care of my court situation and did. I highly recommend her as a stellar advocate.

Dorothy O.

Two friends highly recommended Susan and I’m glad they did. After the death of my husband I went to Susan for a living trust she is very professional and caring and this gave me peace of mind. My son went to Susan after I did and she has been extremely patient with his, he has slowed things down but she has been really helpful in getting this complete. Thank you Susan

Connie C.

We were very fortunate to find Susan Geffen to prepare and execute the Trust for my elderly Aunt At all times it was clear to me that my Aunt’s wishes and direction were prioritized I would highly recommend Susan Geffen and we very much appreciated her expertise and the effort involved in completing this Thank you Susan

Joan M.

Susan has been a great resource and supporter for my recent conservatorship of my mother. She provided me information upon my first call even though I was not yet a client. Since that call she has provided excellent advice and recommendations. I soon hired her to represent me in the conservatorship and has made this difficult decision as easy as possible. Susan has a wide knowledge of senior law, which was tested by my difficult issues including foreclosure, senior living decisions and mental health hospitalization.

I really want to thank Susan for the emotional support as well as legal advice. I called her more than once when I was confronted with emergencies, she calmly provided options which allowed me time to make the right decisions. I highly recommend Susan!

Daren P.

Susan took the time to read through my legal documents. She was taking notes and when she didn’t understand something she stopped and asked me to explain. Susan had the ability to not only understand the facts, but she seemed to really put herself in my shoes. She was the third attorney that I explained my case to, she instantly earned my respect and trust. From that point on Susan always gave me clear instructions on what my part was. Communication was excellent with Susan. Phone calls and emails were returned very promptly. In my opinion Susan B. Geffen was the best attorney in the South Bay to handle the sensitive issues of my parents family trust. I recommend the Law Offices of Susan B. Geffen without reservation.

Daniel P.

Susan prepared my family trust. It has taken me years (my son is a full blown adult) to get my affairs in order. I started the process before the pandemic and Susan worked through it and provided my documents on time. No excuses. I would highly recommend Susan Geffen and I highly recommend taking care of your affairs. I feel like I can sleep a little better.

Diane D.

I recently had some California Trust questions. Susan answered my question patiently, thoroughly and most importantly she framed them in a way that was important to me and not her racking up billable hours.

I called 5 attorneys before her and she was the only one that was straight forward. From my experience, I know she places her clients best interest first and foremost!!!!!

James T.

Susan came into my life when I was very stressed as coronavirus had just started and I realized my living will had expired .I contacted her and she took care of my living will ,my power of attorney and my and estate Will. . She did it in a timely manner with my concerns of health issues in the foreground and completed it in a very quickly . We had one issue with recording my property in another county and she and her Assistant finally got all the papers recorded and took care of everything for me . I’m very grateful for her help and diligence at a very stressful time in my life.
I would certainly Recommend her to anyone. Thank you

Dorothy B.

I have used Susan B Geffen in the past to do my first estate plan. She helped me understand what I needed to think of when planing my estate and understanding the language involved. Now I am making updates and she is there again to help me. Thank you Susan!

Michele H.

Very highly recommend. TRUSTWORTHY! Susan’s very knowledgeable and concise, approachable and fair.. Appreciated her expertise combined with integrity. I really can’t say enough… very pleased to have found her.


We have been extremely happy and so satisfied with Ms. Geffen’s work, and her integrity, to be all she can be for her clients. Her dedication and compassion to be diligent is bar none. We were treated like family. It was a pleasurable experience, not to be anxious or worried, because, we knew from the start, that we were in goods hands. It’s hard to find good service nowadays, but Ms. Geffen is definitely a keeper. Will forever be beyond grateful for what she did for my husband and me, regarding our mother’s estate.

Mary B.

Very nice, caring and knowledgeable woman. She gave me a lot of time on the phone, despite the fact she knew that I didn’t require her services, thus she would not be receiving a fee for my issue. She was also very prompt and empathetic to my situation. That is rare these days in our hurry up world.

Shelter W.

Susan has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable in assisting me to become the Conservator for my husband with dementia. She explained the process, was always available to answer questions and handled all the legal aspects very well. A true professional with compassion to help us protect our loved ones. I highly recommend her for any elder care issue or concern.

Amy M.

I was referred to Susan to handle my father’s conservatorship case. Susan is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience. She really understand the issues and handles cases efficiently. She is truly a great advocate to have on your side. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone needing assistance with any aspect of elder law.

Grace F.

Susan has been very focused, efficient, knowledgeable, and professional in handing my father’s nursing home case. I hired the right attorney for my family. Without Susan, my family would have suffered a tremendous financial loss. I realized why experienced and professional attorney like Susan could be your most precious asset. Susan always understands client’s needs as well as solutions in each moment. Thank you, Susan, for all your efforts and time spent for protecting my family!!!

Steve S.

Susan and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable, polite and treat us more like family than as clients. Susan is patient and an easy to understand attorney. She is a great listener and her suggestions have helped our family immensely. Without her knowledge and guidance we could never navigate the process of elder adult estate and trust planning.
We continue to utilize her services and her excellent seminars.

Norbertamarie K.

The law is cold and unemotional, yet for those of us going through the legal process, the experience can be extremely emotional. Susan is an outstanding lawyer who knows her stuff inside and out. She is the advocate you hope would be at your side….prepared, focused, caring, and strong. She is responsive and proactive and understands how to communicate with clients so that they can make truly informed decisions. We are grateful for her service and can’t recommend her more to those in need of legal guidance.

John Z.

Susan Geffen is an extraordinary counselor and compassionate problem solver for seniors and their families.
She is an outstanding listener and communicator who translate legalize as she zeros in on the main issues. She has my highest recommendations.

Nancy S.

Susan has been amazing helping me and my family. She has been a true warrior fighting for our mom. Rob, Patsy, and I could not have chosen a better attorney. We believe Susan will be the reason we get our mother back. Thank you Susan B. Geffen!

LaVerne R.

Susan B Geffen has been extremely helpful for Elder Care counseling. In reviewing the best options for my aging parent, I became aware of prudent steps available for my own financial planning.

We recommend Susan very highly. Simple steps early on can save a family from unforeseen complications decades down the road. You owe it to yourself and your family to meet with Susan.

David G.

My uncle was taken advantage of by an unscrupulous business that charged him a considerable amount to prepare a TRUST. We met with Ms. Geffen when he needed further legal help/advice. She was able to quickly explain to us why his TRUST was actually worthless and promised to deal with the matter and demand a full refund for him; she was true to her word. Shortly after our meeting, he received the refund. Later, she put his mind at ease as she prepared his new TRUST. We are certainly grateful to Susan Geffen and would happily recommend her.

Doris N.

I went to see Susan because of my mother’s long term care needs. She had to get Medi-Cal and she was concerned about losing her home. Susan prepared a trust for her and made sure that she had people in place to take care of her if she needed that. She was so helpful. Thank you Susan


I can’t begin to tell you of the excellent legal advice I received from Susan B. Geffen. Her take charge, let her handle things approach helped me out tremendously at a time when I was mourning my dear lady friend. She always kept me well informed and I knew she was always in my corner representing me and getting my situation resolved in a fast timely matter. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much again Susan.

Rita H.

Susan is very compassionate. She knows elder care law like the back of her hand and helps many on a daily basis. Highly recommended!

Mike T.

I hired Susan to petition for a conservatprship over my sister who I believe was abused financially and psychologically. After a long battle a conservatprship was established. Susan never gave up on us and was always fair with her billing practices.When it comes to this area of law Susan IS ( i think) among the best I have ever seen. Her depth and breadth of knowledge in this area of law is AMAZING. It was comforting to have someone like Susan representing us. HOPEFULLY you will never need these services, AND if you do HIRE SUSAN

John K.