Conservatorship is a subject that can cause concerns for those with the best intentions of a loved one in mind. You want your friend or family member to have independence, but also see them struggling due to mental incapacities. Susan B. Geffen is an experienced conservatorship attorney near Culver City who can help you navigate the legal landscape.

Taking on the responsibility of guardianship over an adult or child can solve problems for the individual impacted by illness, old age or a genetic condition that limits cognitive function. This typically involves the proposed control of medical and financial decisions. In most cases, these legal scenarios involve an elderly individual, but there are other circumstances that may lead to an appeal for conservatorship.

The ability of an individual to make decisions plays an integral role when applying for conservatorship of a friend or family member. As a proposed conservator, you do not automatically take on all responsibilities. For instance, a conservatee may retain control over medical decisions while the conservator is responsible for financial matters.

What is a Conservatorship?

Medical and financial decisions are typically the focus of conservatorships. Individuals with bad intentions may seek to exploit vulnerable individuals. When a conservatorship is granted to a trusted family member or friend, the risk to the conservatee is potentially reduced.

In order to gain conservatorship, the filing individuals must file a petition with the probate court, seeking to obtain letters of conservatorship. This process also involves providing a list of close family and friends who are considered potential conservators.

An attorney is then charged with representing the best interests of the conservatee. Susan B. Geffen will support you in your efforts to protect the rights of your loved one in Culver City. All costs are covered by the assets of the proposed conservatee in the event that you are granted conservatorship in any capacity. As an experienced attorney, Susan will meet with potential conservatees and contact friends and family members in accordance with the legal process.

Benefits of Conservatorship

In order to protect potential conservatees from abuse, a court supervises the conservatorship process. Although it is preferable that an individual accepts help voluntarily, there are cases where conservatorship is decided by the court. After a period of six months, a review is conducted, with subsequent reviews held each year thereafter.

In all cases, the purpose of conservatorship is to protect the interests of the potential conservatee. As such, there are no legal benefits for the conservator. Additionally, the conservator’s ability to make sound decisions related to medical and financial matters is a major factor in whether or not a conservatorship is considered. This decision is typically based on mental rather than physical capacity.

An individual who is completely incapacitated, comatose, cannot make decisions or communicate may be considered for a conservatorship. Many conservatees are born with mental disabilities that render them incapable of making important decisions. Illnesses that result in limited capabilities, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, are also considered by the court. If you are committed to protecting the best interests of a loved one, seeking conservatorship may be the best legal option in these circumstances.

In the event that someone you love is no longer able to take care of their own needs, pursuing conservatorship is often the only option. This process can become stressful if you do not have adequate support. Susan B. Geffen is an experienced conservatorship attorney with offices near Culver City. You will find her approach is compassionate and understanding.

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